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Admin Portal

Learn about the features of the Administration Portal in this short video. 



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Basic Table Stand

A low-cost option. Lockable polycarbonate enclosure, including security cable, secure iPad case, and table footing.



Setting up for different uses

Understanding how you should be configuring the hearing check for different settings and uses is very important in maximising its effectiveness.


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DD450 headphones provide more accurate results and greater noise occlusion. Converted to 3.5mm stereo jack for iPad.



Recent Posts

Our Hearing Check is the world’s leading self-assessment hearing test for hearing care providers around the world. Learn how you can utilize this fantastic tool to drive new clients, who have been pre-qualified as having a hearing loss, into your locations for full assessments.

While most of our clients turned their Touchscreen Hearing Checks off during COVID, we were focused on improving the solution in readiness for them being turned back on.  There have been significant enhancements, which you can learn about here.

The Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks will rarely generate much less usage if they're dropped off at a location and forgotten. Successful unattended placement involves a greater level of support and strategic thinking. In this article, we will discuss best practice unmanned hearing kiosks.

Many audiologists and hearing care professionals feel that the offer of "Free Hearing Assessments and Consultations"  devalues their skills, training, and expertise. There's another way to remove barriers to addressing hearing loss — a free, 5-minute, do-it-yourself hearing check.