Online advertising is allowing hearing care providers to be more targeted in their advertising than ever before, but there are important ways to achieve improved ‘cut through’, engagement, and conversion with your online advertising programs.

Most importantly, all elements of your online strategy must work together. 

  • Your Social Media Posts and advertising must reach the right audience
  • You can pay less to reach more potential clients with well-structured Google Ads and website landing pages. 
  • Once you have people on your website, we need them to engage and take the next step.

Hearing Care Marketing - by Spinach Effect can help you achieve this and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or to discuss ideas that you would like to explore.

Online Advertising Media and Examples
Online Advertising Media and Examples

Facebook Ads

Facebook is used extensively by older Australians, but in very different ways to younger audiences. Read on… 



Google Ads

How can you ensure that your Google Ads are working well for your business? Work with the experts…