Leveraging a Collaborator Model to unlock client success.


Having been involved in the marketing of hearing care services for about 18 years, I can reflect on how significantly the landscape for marketing has changed during that time. While there's still a place for traditional direct mail and press advertising, we've increasingly turning to eDM, Google Ads, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to reach our audience.

Another huge change is how a modern marketing services agency can be structured.

Twenty years ago, it was commonplace for companies to only look to marketing service providers in their local area. This enabled regular in-person meetings and a sense of familiarity. It therefore made sense that a marketing agency was essentially a group of people, with a handful of skill sets (i.e. Creative, account service, and accounting) who all sat together in an office.

But today, the evolution of communication technologies has made it possible to source expertise from anywhere around the globe. Our clients are all over the world and it's rare for them to come to us. More commonly, we meet remotely via teleconference from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, there’s been a huge influx of new media that is used to deliver messages to audiences in the last 18 years.  Subsequently, the diversity of expertise required within a marketing services agency has also needed to evolve. 

Collaborator Model

As clients have required different sets of expertise over the last 10 years, we have increasingly engaged offshore teams, local experts, and collaborators from all over the world to meet their needs in a way that delivers them the greatest value.

This has enabled us to quickly respond to changing client and market needs in the most effective and efficient way. This starts with thorough vetting of our external collaborators, including a review of much of their portfolios and ratings and initiating direct communication with previous Clients. 

Even more important than finding the right people is knowing how to brief them properly. If a Creative Brief is not properly constructed (e.g. Video Storyboard, Website Wireframes, Brand Positioning Statements), then it's almost impossible for creatives to deliver what a client wants. Hearing Care Marketing communicates your needs to people we know can deliver, and seamlessly engage and assimilatate external collaborators for our clients.

Our Collaborator Dream Team

So today, when a client engages us to deliver a winning marketing strategy, they're unlocking a global team of experts who will fulfill that strategy, including:

  • Internal Skills (Adelaide) - Strategy, Graphic Design, Account Management.
  • Steven Hamilton (Adelaide) - Social Media Strategy and Execution.
  • Offshore Staff (Philippines): Web Development, Graphic Design.
  • Stan (Turkey) - Highly responsive and low-cost video editing and production (Turkey).
  • Dotsquares (India) - Web development team (India).
  • Erika (Melbourne) - High-end video editing and post-production (Melbourne)
  • Mohammed (Bangladesh)- Landing page and website development.
  • Artificial Intelligence (Everywhere and all things) - is so much that we can't  go into it properly here. Read more in my blog about AI here.

...but what about local jobs for local people?

I understand nationalism and local parochialism. In any country town in regional Australia you’ll hear patrons of one pub talk about how people down this end of town are just nicer… I get that tribes are important to most people. But I see it a little differently.

Having lived abroad and traveled extensively, including more than thirty visits to North America in this century, I can honestly say:- "While I love Australia, I feel more like a citizen of the world."

I don’t believe that human connections are bound by lines drawn on maps before my time, by people who were looking to stake a claim to land and people.

So, when I think about the impact that income can have for someone and their families, I’m more than happy for the search arc to be wider than any city, state, or country.


Is it just about the money?

Of course, the huge differences in the cost of living between countries creates disparities when it comes to the remuneration expectations of international collaborators. We've found that accessing "like-for-like" skills, experience, and professionalism costs significantly more in Australia than it does in many parts of Europe and Asia. 

These are savings that we pass onto our clients, and we are VERY OPEN and HONEST about where our collaborators are located.

Although, all invoicing will be through Hearing Care Marketing by Spinach Effect, all clients have the opportunity to meet our team of internationally-based experts. Typically, this happens during video conference calls, which are held at convenient times for our clients, including briefings and strategy meetings at the start of a project.

Other benefits of Collaboration Model

At Hearing Care Marketing, we believe in the profound advantages of leveraging an international team of collaborators to elevate our client service.

It allows us to be a true "one-stop-shop" for our clients in the Hearing Care Industry. We've built a 'tried and tested', multi-skilled, and international team of experts who can cover everything that our client would ever need. And by acting as the point-person for this team, we can ensure that all elements of a marketing strategy come together and align for the greatest possible return-on-investment for our Clients.

Diversity is the catalyst for innovation. By working with Spinach Effect, clients are harnessing a vast array of skills and perspectives. We've sourced experts from an international pool, unlocking a world of knowledge from a team comprised of different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking. This dynamic interplay of perspectives opens doors to ground-breaking concepts, that resonate deeply with target audiences as diverse as our team. (i.e. "Anyone who is human, living within our catchment area, and with hearing loss".)

Flexibility and scalability. As our clients' needs evolve, we can swiftly scale resources up or down in different areas. 

We'll happily work with your existing suppliers

Many of our new clients have strong existing relationships with marketing suppliers, such as: web developers, local media, videographers, photographers, printers, and graphic designers.

So, if they want us to by brief in a job to someone that they know and trust, then that's we do! Clients can engage our team of collaborators, picking the skills and services they need, as they see fit.

Embrace the power of collaboration

Embrace the power of global collaboration and AI to elevate your marketing strategy to new heights. We're no longer confined to borders but poised to conquer the world, one remarkable campaign at a time.

Contact Hearing Care Marketing by Spinach Effect to discuss how we can build and execute a marketing strategy that promises the greatest return-on-investment by engaging our Collaborator Model.