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Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks

Reach new clients and enjoy the lowest new client acquisition costs of any marketing or sales activity available to hearing care providers.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Target middle-aged residents and seniors in your catchment area with campaigns offering proven return-on-investment.

Websites & Online Marketing

We will build you a website that looks great on all platforms, including smartphones. And you wont need write a single line of content!

Marketing Strategy

Let’s work together to build a Marketing Plan that has every element working together to drive new clients into your clinics.

What to do and what not to do.

Don’t throw away tens of thousands of dollars to find out what works.

With unrivalled expertise and experience in hearing care marketing, Spinach Effect will work with any hearing clinic to ensure that you get more new clients with hearing loss for your investment.

Importantly, we will also help you to implement everything you need to do to not just ensure that prospective contact you, but that your team are also trained to ensure that every possible opportunity is harnessed – and that includes phone training, implementing follow-up processes, and availing you with fantastic support materials.

Why you should partner with us.

Proven Campaigns

No guesswork. Only strategies and campaigns that deliver results!
Our team has overseen over USD$30 million dollars in marketing programs. Our clients don’t need to go through expensive trial and error – they are offered programs and solutions with guaranteed returns.

Lower costs

Share development costs with hundreds of other hearing care providers!
We keep our fees as low as possible for you by generally retaining the copyright for content and intellectual property for strategies. While everything is customised for your brand, you can still share much of the strategic development and design costs.