Harness the power of AI for marketing your business

At Hearing Care Marketing, our single greatest collaborator is artificial intelligence (AI). We see AI far more of an opportunity than a threat. Already it is leading to massive productivity improvements across many of the strategies that we execute for hearing care providers.

I was recently asked by a friend if, as the director of a marketing agency, I was worried that AI would take away a need for our services. My response? I see AI as far more of an opportunity than a threat. Already, it is leading to massive productivity improvements across everything that we do.

Internally, we have focused on learning the best practices for communicating our clients’ needs to AI programs in order to get the best possible results for the least time and money.

Let’s look at a handful of ways that you will be benefiting from the use of AI when you engage Hearing Care Marketing by Spinach Effect.


We use ChatGPT to assist in many aspects of copywriting, brief development, and target audience identification. By leveraging AI effectively, we can ultimately deliver more impactful campaigns. Having provided AI with relevant information about hearing care and hearing solutions, the model can generate engaging and persuasive text based on any topic. This is a great starting point, and I reiterate “starting point”, which significantly reduces the time and effort required to create high-quality copy.

Moreover, we can create detailed briefs by providing specific instructions and desired outcomes. AI can then provide comprehensive briefs that ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the objectives, timelines, and deliverables. This ensures everyone is aligned from the start.

Target audience identification is a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign, and AI can analyze available data to help identify key demographics, interests, and behavioral patterns of the target audience. 

However, it is important to note that while AI can be a valuable tool, human oversight and expertise are still necessary. We always review and refine the outputs generated by AI, ensuring they align with your brand's voice, adhere to ethical standards, and resonate with the intended audience. 

By leveraging AI effectively and combining it with human expertise, we can harness the full potential of this technology to better serve our clients and achieve their marketing objectives.

Creating the most effective Google Ads

The level of AI expertise has already surpassed that of any human and greatly increases the ROI from online advertising. 

AI can scan the landing page for a marketing campaign (e.g. Free trials of the ‘Happy Hearing 23X’ hearing aid.) and suggest the most effective keywords and budget allocation based on that analysis. 

With the Ad Strength tool, one can simply develop ad texts by knowing the target audience, keywords, and user intent, resulting in more effective and focused ads.

AI also makes collecting Facebook, Google, and other social media data easier and helps organisations and individuals connect more efficiently. 

Creating illustrations with AI


AI can save huge amounts of time and enhance the effectiveness of communicating an idea or concept. Hearing Care Marketing also utilizes AI to create original images for a number of purposes, including: -

  • Creating "story boards" that help brief photographers and videographers about the mood and messaging that we're trying to achieve.
  • Developing illustrations that help convey feelings and motivations for addressing hearing loss, which can then be used to create some fun illustrations and messages that can be shared via clients' social media accounts.
  • Creating a 'base image' that can then be used in a reverse image search within online photo and video libraries, saving time in searching for just the right image from a stock photography database.

To illustrate possibilities, we've created a collection of AI generated illustrations for the hearing care industry, named “For our love of sound”. We're happy to  license any of these images to any hearing care provider who would like to feature them in their own social media marketing at no charge… all you have to do is reach out using the form below.




AI generated images, although getting better every day, still have their limitations, including:

  • They often struggle to be anatomically correct when creating images of humans, so they are often a starting point to take an image 70% of the way there before engaging graphic artists as collaborators to touch them up.
  • Understandably, there are also ethical considerations. As all AI generated images are derived from source materials from all over the Internet, it is understandable that original content creators (E.g. photographers) have questions about intellectual property protection.

That being said, there are already many upsides to AI for content creators. Most major online photo libraries are offering elements of AI within their services, such as being able to remove people and objects from photos to make them more suitable for our use. AI can also be great in photography post-production to enhance images quickly and effectively. And AI can be used in the briefing process to ensure that clients' needs are being met, before anyone arrives on a photo or film set.


Video editing with AI driven software

We use AI-driven video editing software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate or enhance various aspects of video production, such as editing, effects, transcription, captioning, and more. AI-driven video editing software can help marketers create better content for their audiences by:

  • Saving time and resources: AI-driven video editing software can perform tedious and repetitive tasks, such as trimming, cropping, resizing, stabilizing, and colour grading videos, in a fraction of the time and with less human intervention. 
  • Improving quality and consistency: AI can analyze and optimize videos for different platforms, devices, and formats, ensuring that the videos look and sound great across various channels. 
  • Making it easier to ‘lay it down’: We’re not all great at talking to camera without notes. AI can be used to make it look like the speaker is looking at the camera, even if they are looking down at their script. And they can allow two segments of video to be cut together seamlessly, so you only need to get little bits right at a time.
  • Boosting creativity and innovation: AI can create realistic animations, simulations, and transformations using generative AI models, or apply artistic filters and transitions using style transfer techniques.

Repackaging content for different hearing care providers

Among other things, search engines rank websites based on the originality of content. If we were simply to “cut and paste” from one site to another, search engines would see that the content has been plagiarized, and rankings and Google Ads return-on-investment would be considerably less.

To get around this, we use AI to rephrase “packaged” content, such as our Health & Hearing magazine, in a tone of voice that matches the brands of each individual client.

Leveraging AI insights for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

AI is a powerful tool that can help marketers gain deep insights into their target audiences, market trends, and consumer behaviour. By leveraging AI for enhanced marketing strategies, marketers can improve their campaign performance, optimize their ROI, and drive better marketing outcomes.

AI can be leveraged for deep insights that guide enhanced marketing strategies in various ways, such as:

  • Understanding target audiences: Helps us segment and profile their customers based on their demographics, preferences, behaviours, and interactions. AI can also help marketers personalize their messages and offers to each customer, creating a more relevant and engaging experience.
  • Identifying market trends: AI can help us to monitor competitors, prices, demand, and sentiment. AI can also help marketers discover new opportunities and niches, as well as anticipate and respond to changing customer needs and expectations.
  • Optimizing consumer behavior: AI helps influence and shape consumer behaviour by using techniques such as nudging, gamification, social proof, and scarcity. AI can also help marketers measure and optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns by tracking and attributing conversions, retention, loyalty, and advocacy.
  • Automation: AI can also help marketers automate and streamline various tasks, such as ad placement, content distribution, lead generation, and customer service.
  • Enhancing ROI and outcomes: Improves return on investment (ROI) and drives better outcomes by using predictive analytics. AI also helps us to optimize clients’ budget allocations, resource utilization, and performance evaluation.


AI as a transformative tool in the development and fulfilment of marketing strategies for our clients across the world. If you want benefit from using AI in the most effective way, contact us and we’ll be only too happy to have a chat… including on the ethical and responsible use of AI.

Thank you for your time! I greatly look forward to share the impacts and opportunities of technological developments in the field of hearing care marketing.