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Older Australians have experienced a considerable change in their digital habits. They are engaging in a broader range of online activities, more frequently and across different devices. For this reason, Hearing Care Providers should not ignore online advertising and social media advertising within their marketing mix.

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“Yes, it’s still Facebook.”

If you’re trying to reach an audience in need of hearing care and solutions, it’s important to understand where you should focus your energy. 
Facebook is a useful platform for reaching an older demographic. According to Pew Market Research, 62% of internet users ages 65 and older use Facebook, and 72% of 50- to 64-year-olds use it. Across all social media sites, Facebook had the highest number of users in these age ranges in 2022.

While most 50+ year olds use social media, not all do. So while social media marketing is not the answer to all of your marketing questions, it a useful tool to add to your marketing strategy to enhance your reach.

Formats of Facebook ads


Facebook provides numerous formats for their advertising, including:

  • Photo:  One image, a clear message, and strong call-to-action
  • Video: Video ads come in a range of lengths and styles – from short, feed-based ads to longer videos designed to engage a captured audience.
  • Carousel: Allows you to showcase up to 10 videos or images within a single ad, each with its own link or call-to-action. You can showcase products or build a story about a single product or service over a series of cards.
  • Stories: As users scroll through their stories, we can position a short, video that grabs their attention and redirects them to your website or Facebook business page.
  • Slideshows: If you don’t have the budget to create video ads, we can still create movement, sound, and text to attract attention.
  • Collection: Allow people to browse and buy products or link to your website (i.e., models of hearing aids, OTC hearing aids).
  • Messenger: Appear in the Messenger app. (However, we believe these are too intrusive and, subsequently, not a great option for selling or attracting new Clients).


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