Presenting to community groups


Giving community presentations, such as Lunch and Learns, are an amazing way to connect with new customers in your area. But, many Hearing Care Providers are naturally wary of standing in front of a crowd of strangers. 

  • Do you seek out opportunities to present to a local community group on hearing, hearing loss, and modern solutions?
  • Are worried about the work it will take to put something together that projects your services and professionalism in the way you want to be seen?
  • What should you include in your presentation?

Relax!  We are here to help.

Be sharp, interesting, and professional

Hearing Care Marketing have developed many such presentations for clients around the world that we can tailor and rebrand for you and your staff.
The key to our presentations is that content is perfect for the target audience and will confirm that you are the local expert on all things hearing.


Striking the right balance between information and persuasion

We have presentations that can cover everything of interest to your audience, including: -

  • How do we hear?
  • Signs, causes, and prevalence of hearing loss
  • Hearing loss simulation videos
  • Tinnitus causes and treatments
  • What happens in a hearing test?
  • Understanding your audiogram
  • Introduction to solutions and treatments for hearing loss.
    • Earwax removal
    • Hearing aids
    • Cochlear implants
  • And so much more…


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