Reach new clients through strategically-placed and unattended kiosks

The Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks will rarely generate much less usage if they're dropped off at a location and forgotten. Successful unattended placement involves a greater level of support and strategic thinking. In this article, we will discuss best practice unmanned hearing kiosks.

Understanding user behaviour

When looking at usage reports, we often notice that Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks will experience bursts of activity, then little activity, followed by another burst… and so on.  Why? 

Few people are natural ‘early adopters’ and will be the first to approach the Touchscreen Hearing Check and start using it. Most people are natural ‘followers’.  When they see one person take a hearing check, their curiosity is stoked and their natural timidity is eased. So, they'll then take a hearing check when it becomes available. So, the question is: “How can we consistently get people to use it?”

Point-of-Sale materials

One way to help overcome user inertia is to ensure that people clearly understand:

  • The benefits the Touchscreen Hearing Check offers
  • Where the Touchscreen Hearing Check is located
  • The importance of taking the opportunity to have a hearing check

Increasing the use of unattended hearing kiosks can be driven with effective point-of-sale.


Let us help you!

Our success and our clients’ success are intrinsically linked. In addition to the Touchscreen Hearing Check, we are also a full-service marketing company that specializes in the hearing care industry. Therefore, clients can utilize our graphic designers to design posters, banners, and other point-of-sale materials at no cost (Valued at $175/hr). Clients then arrange their own printing locally.

Activate the staff within a location with rewards

It's always imperative to get the team of people working at a partner's location motivated to encourage their clients and patrons to use your Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks. Here are some tips.

Educate about the importance of addressing hearing loss

Convey to the people on site (e.g. receptionists, pharmacists, front-office) how important it is that people address hearing loss. This includes how addressing hearing loss is very effective in:

  • Reducing feelings of isolation
  • Reducing the risks of early-onset dementia due to sensory deprivation
  • Having a positive impact on personal confidence

Additionally, communicate the benefits to their organization, including:

  • Adds interactivity and fun a waiting room
  • Promotes the image of your location as a center of community health
  • Performs a significant public service


Incentives for generating use

You may also consider developing a rewards program that encourages staff at the location to encourage people to use your hearing kiosks. For example:

  • Gift Cards: Offer to put $5 on a gift card that can be used at a local shopping center for each screening conducted on persons over the age of 50 years.
  • Contribute to Staff Christmas Parties: Offer to put $20 towards the end-of-year parties for every user who takes the screening, has a hearing loss, and requests an appointment.

Reach out for a chat!

Hopefully, these ideas above give you some great insight into ways to make your program an even greater success. But always remember, we’re here to help. Please contact us to discuss ideas for your Touchscreen Hearing Check Program. Our greatest success stories are always with clients who see us as long-term partners!