Offer free hearing checks without devaluing your service

Many audiologists and hearing care professionals are, rightly, uncomfortable about offering "free hearing tests." Understandably, they feel that this devalues their skills, training, and expertise. There is a way to remove barriers for people to address hearing loss and come into the hearing clinic to learn if hearing loss is impacting their quality of life — our free, 5-minute, do-it-yourself hearing check.

Hearing care providers can benefit from placing the Touchscreen Hearing Check within their locations in several ways:

  • Offer screenings to people to come with an existing client to your locations (e.g. husband/wife/partner, daughter/son, caring friend).
  • Move away from offering free consultations and protect the value of Clinicians’ time, while still offering “free hearing checks”.
  • Promote “free hearing checks, no appointment necessary” within advertising to increase response and pre-qualify clients before utilizing Consultants’ time.
  • Encourage walk-ins in retail settings (e.g. your locations within shopping centers).

How does it work?


  1. Users must share their contact details before they take a 5-minute pure-tone hearing check, including:- name, email, and phone number.
  2. Results are adjusted for the effects of background noise, so are always accurate
  3. If the user has a significant hearing loss, they’re strongly encouraged to request an appointment – right then and there.
  4. Data is securely sent (i.e. encrypted) to an online Administration Portal, which hearing care providers can easily access via the web.
  5. Users are emailed a “free hearing report”, which includes their results and information on recommendations.
  6. Hearing Care Providers receive an email notification every time a user shows signs of a hearing loss.
  7. If the user has a hearing loss, hearing care providers should contact them immediately to schedule their appointment.

Learn more

Contact us to discuss how you can implement the Touchscreen Hearing Check into your locations for as little as $1900, visit our website at to learn more, or complete the form below and we will be in touch very soon.