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Hearing loss occurs gradually making it hard for people to know how much it is affecting their lives. In contrast, sufferers of tinnitus are VERY aware of their issues and the frustration that it brings.

For this reason, advertising treatments for tinnitus can lead to a significant response from sufferers, many of whom would do anything to alleviate the condition. Said in marketing terms, sufferers of tinnitus are a very engaged target audience.

Naturally, we would never recommend “over promising” solutions, as this will lead to further stress on both Clients and staff. However, for Hearing Care Professionals offering diagnosis and treatments, including hearing aids or Lyric, we strongly recommend developing advertising, public relations, direct mail, and online communications to promote these services.

Advertorials, inserts, and run-of-press


Hearing Care Maketing – by Spinach Effect have worked closely with numerous clients in Australia and the USA to develop press advertising in a range of styles and formats, including:

  • Advertorials: A news story informs readers about the condition, as well as the help that is available, through story-telling. The advertising portion then offers the answer to “what is the next step”.
  • Inserts: Tinnitus and treatments can be complex. Inserts allow more information to be conveyed.
  • Run of Press: Smaller format advertisements.

Support Activities


We’ll also work with you to develop materials to maximize the success of your campaign. This will include:

  • In-store posters
  • Social media posts and advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Website posts and updates
  • Sales tools and demonstration aids

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When you work with us, we’ve got it all covered including: inbound call scripts for front office staff, facts-at-a-glance sheets, and more. To find out more, call us at +61 449 215 344, or request a free discussion (Phone, Skype, Zoom or MS Teams) by completing the below form and we’ll be in contact with you very soon

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