In-store posters

Do your own posters!


You should never overlook the opportunity that the walls and windows of your hearing locations provide to communicate with new and existing clients. 
Don't just put up the posters of your suppliers. Instead work with us to execute the best strategy to build your brand and attract increased engagement with high-value services and solutions.


Posters should reinforce your brand


Rather than promoting the brands of your suppliers, you could be communicating with your clients, and people walking past your locations, that aligns with your branding and messaging

Use posters to promote the products and services that will 'move the needle'.  Are there additional services that you would like to highlight to existing clients, such as: 

  • Earwax removal?
  • Free trials of the latest hearing solutions?
  • Promoting special offers pricing?
  • Supporting advertising, online, and social media marketing strategies?
  • Free hearing checks? (See here for more information)


Posters are inexpensive!


We will supply a print-ready file that you can send to your local printer, such as as Officeworks (Australia). These days printers are set-up to produce 'short-runs' at a very reasonable price!

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