Lyric by Phonak - Advertising



While the Lyric hearing aid is not suitable for everyone with hearing loss, it can still be a good way to open the discussion with Clients seeking truly invisible hearing aids.

But, it is important that front office staff are adept at fielding inevitable questions about pricing and the need to have the hearing aid replaced every few months.

Out of sight. Out of mind.


This brand promise has been developed by Hearing Care Marketing – by Spinach Effect. Our ads have been successful at getting the phone ringing, and we strive to ensure the conversation does not end there.  That is why we have developed “inbound phone scripts” and email responses that encourage a much greater percentage of enquiries to make an appointment.


Support activities


Press ads are rarely enough, so we’ll also work with you to develop supplementary materials to maximize the success of your Lyric campaign. This will include:

  • In-store posters
  • Social media posts and advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Website landing pages, including contact forms (see an example here)

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We have executed this strategy successfully for Hearing care Providers around the world and will supply all the tools and training to make it work for you. When you work with us, we’ve got it all covered. For more information:-

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