If you’ve been in hearing care for awhile, you’ve probably heard all of the following comments from Clients:

  • “My hearing is ok, I just struggle in noisy environments.”
  • “People speak too quickly and mumble these days.”
  •  “I can hear fine, I just miss things that people are saying sometimes.”

We also know that people typically take years to address their hearing loss, if they do at all. 

For this reason, to get someone to act on their hearing loss, we need to target multiple parts of the brain, using emotions and facts through story-telling and research. Advertorials can be a great way to attract engagement, as our message is disguised as a news story.

Combining testimonials, expert comments, research, and technology


A good advertorial tells a story that our target audience can fully relate to – one which leaves them thinking : “That’s what I am going through!”

Following this connection, we can then provide the solution, best done through the shared experiences of normal people and their journey to better hearing. In many ways, this could be considered a “soft sell”.

Hearing Care Marketing – by Spinach Effect have developed countless advertorials over the past decade, which promote the following:

  • Latest technology: How and why has Product ‘X’ changed the lives of people with hearing loss.
  • Importance of addressing hearing loss: Addressing topics such as the relationship of hearing loss to: feelings of isolation, early onset dementia, longevity, stress, and more.
  • Tinnitus: Causes and treatments.
  • TeleHealth: The growth and acceptance of remote hearing care, counselling, and hearing aid adjustments.
  • Grand Opening: Introduction to a new hearing care provider and their unique offering.
  • Better Hearing Month: Stories to leverage advertising features within newspapers, magazine, and online.
  • Hearing Aid Trials: “The latest solutions are being evaluated in your area and we need your help”.

Support activities


We’ll also work with you to develop materials to maximize the success of your advertorials. This will include:

  • Social media posts and advertising
  • Website posts
  • Hearing aid user questionnaires and surveys

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