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Our Hearing Check is the world’s leading self-assessment hearing test for hearing care providers around the world. Learn how you can utilize this fantastic tool to drive new clients, who have been pre-qualified as having a hearing loss, into your locations for full assessments.

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How does it work?
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How does it work?

  • Users enter their contact details before they start.
  • They’re walked through a 4-frequency hearing screening, which takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Results are 'corrected' for the effects of background noise, making them accurate in all settings.
  • Users instantly see their results on the screen and they receive a personal hearing report via email, which includes an audiogram.
  • Access to all of your leads, reports, and other great features via your login to our secure Administration Portal.



Learn more about our solution by watching this short video!

... and if Users are showing signs of significant hearing loss?

Users are strongly encouraged to schedule a full hearing assessment and consultation at one of your locations in the following ways:-

Video Guide

Our Video Guides strongly encourages the User to request a consultation, which they can do within the hearing check.

Email notifications

We send an email to your customer Service, prompting follow up with the user with ‘courtesy call’ to encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Personal Report

The importance of taking the next step is reiterated within the personal hearing report that is emailed to users following their hearing check.

Why is ours the best?

Customization: Both the hardware and the software prominently display your branding. Videos Guides and language are adjusted to your model of hearing care (i.e. do you want to offer free consults to users with hearing loss?)

Noise correction: Results are adjusted for the effects of background noise using our patented noise correction algorithms.

Privacy by Design: HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Act compliant. Best-practice encryption and server security are in place to protect your data.

Award-winning: Best of Show at AudiologyNow!

Marketing Support: As a full-service marketing agency, we will provide you with the tools that you need to ensure that your program is a success.

Independent: We are not owned, nor affiliated, with an organization that runs hearing care retail in competition to our valued clients.

How would you use it?

Our Touchscreen Hearing Check is utilized by hearing care providers around the globe in three key ways.

In the center...

Offer "free hearing checks. No appointment is necessary." Generate appointments and welcome new clients to your hearing centers. We'll design posters, pull-up banners, and social media posts at no charge!

Community Outreach

Offer free hearing screenings at trade shows, pharmacies, medical centers, shopping malls and more. You'll generate hundreds of appointments and staff do not need to be trained in audiology.

Unmanned locations

Generate qualified appointments by leaving the hearing kiosk in strategic locations, including: pharmacies, health center waiting rooms, airport lounges, and in waiting rooms of allied healthcare providers 


This offer should encourage any hearing care provider to introduce in-center screenings and community outreach programs to their new client acquisition strategies.

Options for your consideration

Slimline Kiosk

Lockable floorstand with aluminium composite graphic panels. Includes: Design, brochure holder, headphone mount, and waste bin.



Basic Kiosk

Less expensive and minimalist option. 



Deluxe Table Stand

Lockable table-top enclosure made from powder coated steel. 



Basic Table Stand

A low-cost option. Lockable polycarbonate enclosure, including security cable, secure iPad case, and table footing.



Wall mount

Lockable steel enclosure that hides power cables within the stem.





DD450 headphones provide more accurate results and greater noise occlusion. Converted to 3.5mm stereo jack for iPad.



Studio Headphones

 Knox Gear TX-100. Reasonable noise occlusion of ambient noises. Closed ear cups reduce external interference in loud environment…



Marketing Support

Maximise your success with a range of promotional materials, including: pull-up banners, desktop banners, posters, and fliers.



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Hearing Check News & Support

While most of our clients turned their Touchscreen Hearing Checks off during COVID, we were focused on improving the solution in readiness for them being turned back on.  There have been significant enhancements, which you can learn about here.

Many audiologists and hearing care professionals feel that the offer of "Free Hearing Assessments and Consultations"  devalues their skills, training, and expertise. There's another way to remove barriers to addressing hearing loss — a free, 5-minute, do-it-yourself hearing check.