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Surveys for lead generation

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Hearing Health Survey

A few traits of the older generation come together to make this strategy a success:

  1. Persons over the age of 50 like to be asked their opinion and will happily commit effort to expressing it, especially if they are rewarded for offering it
  2. Persons over the age of 50 are more likely to have hearing loss


Sent to a purchased database of over 50’s within the catchment areas of your hearing clinics, the strategy involves creating a Health Survey that has been created with the purpose (as it explained to recipients) of:

“This Hearing Lifestyle study is a national independent research study conducted to determine the opinions that Australians like yourself hold about hearing loss as a health issue…

Your participation in the study will assist us to promote hearing health in the community and care sectors, and to respond to requests for hearing health information…

We will reward you for your participation with your own free copy of our magazine Health & Hearing and a fantastic pen, together valued at $25. Additionally, you are welcomed to come to us for a free hearing assessment, valued at $95…”



Rather than other campaigns and strategies that are designed to primarily generate appointments, this strategy’s goals are threefold:

  1. Generate a huge database of prospective clients within the areas of your clinics (typically response rates are between 12% – 18%, which is unparalleled in direct mail)
  2. Convert as many of these prospects to future clients through offering a free hearing test at first instance, but also through continued low cost direct mail to an engaged database
  3. Differentiate your clinic as a high-end medical and independent network, who leads the industry in providing the best advice and solution to clients – through better understanding of their needs.

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