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Press Advertising

Never believe an Ad Rep who says: –“You’ll need to run the ad a few times to ingrain your message into the audience and maximise your result.”

When it comes to our industry you are far better advised to believe in the Law of Diminishing Returns. Don’t throw more money down the drain! Marketing theories based on fast moving consumer goods, such as chocolate bars, should never be applied to hearing care.

To maximise your return on investment from advertising you need to provide strong motivation to make someone pick up the phone and call you now – despite the fact that they have seen many ads about free hearing tests, hearing services, and hearing aids from other providers – and commonly never did anything about it.

While there is no ‘magic formula’, we have developed rules that consistently deliver results for our clients in the hearing care industry. While knowing these rules does make someone a communication expert, they are:

Make the story personal

Use testimonials from real people who experienced the same issues as the reader, have addressed their hearing loss, and are now enjoying a much better quality of life.

Don’t use jargon or marketing speak

If someone does not understand a feature or service, then they can’t assign value to it.

The hearing care provider is the hero

Use “expert” clinical knowledge of the professional so that people see you as the answer, rather than a specific hearing aid.

Provide an incentive to so something about it today

Give people who just want information a reason to call too

All callers are prospective clients, so offer more information such as a free “Health & Hearing” magazine.


Media Negotiation

The easiest way to get a better return on investment from an Ad is to pay less for it. But it takes years of experience to know the game. Additionally, utilising the buying strength of Spinach Effect, as we negotiate media buying for many clients, has its benefits too. Most importantly, unlike 95% of marketing companies, Spinach Effect do not take kick backs or commissions from media placements – we just bill you for the time it takes to argue the price down with Ad Reps and we will save you lots of money!

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