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Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Spinach Effect help businesses to increase website visitors, lead generation, conversion rates and reduce new client acquisition costs using Google Adwords and Google Analytics to measure and improve results.

Google Analytics and Adwords can benefit businesses by capturing and analysing their website visitor data and Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising to measure results, make improvements, reduce costs and improve positions of your ad placements.

Google Adwords checklist

Over the last few years, Google Adwords has become a staple of most companies advertising programs. However, many companies think they are doing the right thing when it comes to Google Adwords and yet they are throwing money down the drain. Here are some of the most common mistakes when it comes to armchair expertise:

Specifying location: If your clients are derived from a specific geography, you do not want your ads being clicked on by people who reside outside of that area.

Using one Ad for the whole business: You should create a series of advertisements around common search terms for your key products and services.

For example, if someone is looking for hearing aids in Melbourne, they are more likely to click on the Ad on the left than the one on the right.

Invisible hearing aids
Experts in discreet hearing aids. Free Trials. Melbourne.
ABC Hearing Centres
Leaders in hearing care. 8 locations across Melbourne.


Be Specific: Set up a range of advertisements that target specific search, such as “Cheaper Oticon hearing aids in Melbourne.”

Measure and track performance: Marketers all know that that you must justify how you invest marketing dollars and this requires that we measure results. Conversion Tracking must be set up on every campaign.

Don’t get in a bidding war! Your goal should not be Get the #1 position at any cost. If you instead wish to maximise ROI, choose a bid price that maximises your ROI.

Bid up to your click value: If you figure out through conversion tracking that ever visitor to your website is worth an average of $2, then consider raising your Bid to $2 per click.

Content Network vs Search Network: When your advertisements appear on Googles content network, they are significantly less targeted than the search network. Given that you will convert less, consider this when pricing your bids.

Landing Pages: Don’t send people to your home page! Use targeted landing pages to keep the flow in your sales pitch, and to make it easy on your customers to find what they’re after.

Don’t accept all recommended keywords: Google’s Keyword tool can be a helpful guide, but always refine your keywords to your business and your market.


Partner with the experts

With this knowledge you now know what to avoid so can spend a week trying to master these lessons or call us and we can set-up your initial Google Adwords strategy for you for a fraction of the true cost of doing it yourself.

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