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Newspaper & magazine inserts

Newspaper & Magazine Inserts

Inserts can be very effective when a piece of communication requires more detail than is possible through a press advertisement. Additionally, a local newspaper can act as a trojan horse – helping your advertising messages get from the letterbox to the house, bypassing the trash can.

While inserts can offer a lower cost per thousand than letterbox drops, the success of the an insert will be closely related to the strength of the host publication. If an insert is placed in a free local newspaper that is poorly read by your target audience, then your piece may end up in the bin before it has a chance to be read.

Coupons can make inserts more effective

Coupons offer will greatly increase the response rate for advertising. Coupons in newspaper inserts get double the response than do coupons in regular newspaper ads [4.4% versus 2.3%]. Coupons contained inside a product get more than double the response than do the insert coupons [12% versus 4.4%].

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