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Marketing Support

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Spinach Effect and our international distributors will do everything possible to work with you to ensure your Touchscreen Hearing Check Program becomes a major success. This includes offering additional services and information at no extra cost, such as:

  1. Designing pull-up banners and posters that can build awareness around community outreach programs leading up to, and on the day of an event*
  2. Developing B2B Information Flyers that can be sent to potential locations for your kiosks, such as Practice Managers of local medical centres*
  3. Don’t wait for people to come at events or shopping centres, hand them DL Promo Cards to encourage them to visit your stand and take a hearing check.
  4. Regular feedback on how other clients are successfully utilising your Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks via newsletters and service calls.

* Does not include printing and delivery of materials.

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