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Many Applications

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How would you use it?

While many clients implement the full kiosk solution, others simply want desktop and hand-held devices that enable non-hearing care professionals to conduct screenings in the community or the clinic. The solution has been proven to generate leads and appointments in both “manned” and unmanned” situations.

Successful “manned” uses of the solution, where staff drive people to a Touchscreen Hearing Kiosk, include:

  • Free pre-screening tool for new clients within the hearing clinic, which saves valuable consulting time when new clients often do not have a hearing loss and clinicians require more time for qualified appointments At Trade Shows and Consumer Expos
  • Community screening events at Senior Centers, Over 55 Community Centers, and pharmacies.
  • Wellbeing programs administered by nurses who may also be conducting blood pressure, blood cholesterol, eye exams and other general tests. The Touchscreen Hearing Check enable the delivery of hearing tests without needing to train existing staff in audiometry.
  • In partnership with companies who provide in-home aged care and nursing services.
  • Set up as free hearing screenings offered at shopping centers, such as casual leasing space (i.e. walkways)

Successful “unmanned” locations include:

  • Waiting rooms of medical clinics, pathology clinics, and allied healthcare centers
  • Next to dispensary counter at pharmacies.
  • Within lobbies of Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, and Lawn Bowling Clubs.
  • Entry to airport lounges.
  • At the front door, or within a window or wall cut-out, to attract passers-by at your clinics.

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