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Health & Hearing Magazine

Health & Hearing Magazine

Create your own 24-page guide to hearing, hearing loss, and hearing solutions.

Spinach Effect has developed an excellent resource for your clients that we will rebrand and customise to suit the needs of your business. And we can do this for you at a fraction of the cost of trying to develop such an amazing resource from scratch, as we retain the copyright to all of the major sections within the magazine (See Intellectual Property).


The magazine will include everything that your audience would ever like to know, including:

  1. How the ear works
  2. Introduction to hearing loss (Inc. our self-assessment hearing check)
  3. Understanding tinnitus
  4. Research into effects of “sensory deprivation” and “neural plasticity” – in laymen’s language
  5. Links between dementia and hearing loss
  6. Space for hearing aid advertising
  7. How to read an audiogram
  8. Client testimonials – we will interview your clients and arrange photos
  9. Hearing aids – features and benefits
  10. Accessing funding for hearing care and hearing aids
  11. And more!

Make your marketing efforts more successful!

Your customers will love the magazine, but that is only the start of the story. By adding a “Get you free copy” message to you advertising, direct mail, and your website, you will greatly improve response rates to your marketing. And that is a great return-on-investment!


Contact us today!

You really wont have to do much at all. Just provide your logos and approve the finished product. Please contact us today to learn how we can create your very own Health & Hearing magazine.

NB: Spinach Effect Pty Ltd will litigate against any company that infringes the copyright of the Health & Hearing magazine.


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