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Free hearing aid trial campaigns

Field Trials are an effective way to position hearing aid trials

Hearing care networks are constantly seen pushing hearing aids through free trials. Therefore, we position trials differently in order to differentiate your clinic and your offer.

In order to maintain the perception of complete independence and medical professionalism, we will instead take the approach of:

“We are putting the manufacturers claims that X hearing aid is ‘everything they say it is’ to the test… we are partnering with the manufacturer to put research behind their claims that their hearing aids have the greatest level of acceptance amongst first time users, who are often resistant to wearing hearing aids…”



  • A database of over 5,000+ names of residents aged 50+ within your area is purchased from a reputable source
  • We promote the offer as Australia’s first field trials of the XXXXX hearing aid. “We require XX candidates to assess client satisfaction levels of the hearing aid. As our way of saying “Thank you”, candidates will receive a discount if they choose to keep their hearing aids”
  • Candidates will be provided with four means of response, namely: phone; coupon and reply paid mail; website; and email
  • Prior to and following the trial, candidates will be required to complete a research questionnaire, which can be used to assist the one-on-one sales process and also to formulate research for follow-up activities
  • We provide phone scripts for customer service staff, in order to ensure that all potential leads are properly handled for maximum results



Having conducted versions of this campaign with over 30 hearing care providers over the last 6 years, we anticipate 6:1 ration of sales to marketing dollars. This is an extremely profitable exercise.


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