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Branding & Logo development

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Develop a memorable brand identity!

Our designers work with new and existing companies to develop logos and brand identities that best convey professional and unique brand identities.

So, what are the keys to developing a good brand?

  • Focus on typeface – not icons Too often amateur marketers and designers get caught up trying to develop icons. Unfortunately, these become dated quickly. Fonts and typeface are far more important. Icons often look like terrible clip-art.
  • Colours: Think about colour schemes that will work well across different media.
  • Message or tagline: These are most important when a brand is launched to convey how you are unique. In a short phrase, “how are you different?”. Over time these taglines can change or be dropped altogether.
  • Uses: Having developed your logo, we will apply this to the designs of signage, business/appointment cards, websites and stationery.


Contact us today

If you would like to discuss the development of your new brand, or a brand refresh, contact us today for a confidential discussion.

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