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Become a Reseller

We are looking for Global Partners!

Our solution is already truly global! For example…

  • Our head office is in Australia
  • We have English and Spanish versions of the solution already
  • We have Resellers in North America and the UK
  • Our software development and graphic design teams are located in The Philippines
  • We have first support headquarters are in the Philippines
  • Our kiosks are sourced from a the United States, China and the U.K.
  • We have resellers and distributors in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Our solution is very easy to tailor to any geography in the world. It is just a matter of first find a strong partner to work with to market the solution in that market, before committing the minimal resources required to develop local language versions of the software.

To facilitate sales, customer service and distribution to other parts of the world, we are looking to establish global reseller agreements. If you are interested in becoming a distributor in you market, please contact Simon Hammond through our office in Australia using the contact form found here.

We will be only too happy to send you a draft Reseller Agreement, which shows the incredible rewards available to take this world leading solution to hearing care providers in your market.

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