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Intellectual Property

intellectual-propertyWhy does Spinach Effect generally retain copyright?

Spinach Effect provides our clients with access to highly professional marketing strategies and materials at an affordable price. In order to do this, our clients effectively share in the development costs of strategies and campaigns.

When we develop a campaign that proves successful for one client, it can be utilised by other clients who are not in direct competition (e.g. different country, state or region). In this way, small and medium sized clients can enjoy economies-of-scale that would previously have only been possible for national networks.

The only way that we can offer these economies-of-scale is to retain all copyright and intellectual property for all the strategies materials that we produce. 

What does our Intellectual Property typically include?
Anything that can be easily repacked for other clients and is not specific to your business is generally retained as our Intellectual Property. Examples include:

  • Layouts, templates and text for printed materials such as direct mail pieces and magazines
  • All code, designs and templates utilized within the Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks
  • Structure of phone scripts for inbound calls


What does this NOT include (i.e. What will always be yours)?

We will never reuse, publish or share anything that is specific to your business, including:

  1. Specific results of any marketing strategy
  2. Marketing Plans and Strategies in the development phase (i.e. Not within the public domain)
  3. Logos, colour schemes or branding of any kind
  4. Testimonials and stories from your clients developed for any marketing piece
  5. Any content or material that is supplied by you


Clients are provided a licence to use materials

Clients are provided a perpetual, non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to utilize those materials for the purpose in which they were created. But what does that all mean?

  • Clients are able to reprinted and reproduce materials for the purpose they were created with no further fee
  • Clients cannot use materials, imagery and copy for a purpose other than the one for which they were created without a further fee.
  • Spinach Effect retain copyright and intellectual property for all strategies, design templates, software, copy within marketing materials we develop for our clients
  • Client retains all ownership over the materials that they provide to Spinach Effect for the development of marketing materials, such as logos and images


Confidential Information

Naturally our clients within the hearing care industry do not want commercially sensitive information shared with clients. Spinach Effect has employed best practice techniques to protect the confidentiality of your business strategies, plans and results.


Further Information

Now while this provides an overview on the way we operate, you will undoubtedly have more questions relating to these points, such as:

  • How do you ensure that a person does not receive the same letter from one of our competitors that we you are suggesting we send out?
  • If we want to do this program on an exclusive basis, how much more would it cost?

We have the answers to all your questions and encourage you to contact Simon Hammond to talk these things through for your own piece of mind.