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Our Story

Our history

Global Marketing Manager of international hearing care network creates a specialised marketing solutions company for the hearing care industry

Our director, Simon Hammond (pictured above, second from left, with our USA Partners) served many years as the Global Marketing Manager for a network of over 200 hearing care locations across Australia and the USA.

In that role and now with Spinach Effect, Simon has overseen the investment of tens of millions of dollars in retail and wholesale marketing strategies. Being analytical by nature, he ensured that the return on investment was always tracked. Therefore, we know very well what works and what doesn’t in this industry and our clients can enjoy strategies that work.

Current Clients & Partners

Not surprisingly, Spinach Effect now work with some of the world’s most respected hearing care providers providing a mix of marketing services, account support (manufacturers) and operational advice.

We offer a full realm of marketing services for our clients, bringing a wealth of experience across a range of media and industries.

Why choose us

Tried and proven: Our team has overseen over USD$40 million dollars in marketing programs for employers and clients across the globe over the last decade. While we are used to “hitting it out of the park”, there is no question that some strategies work better than others. Our clients don’t need to go through expensive trial and error – your will be offered only programs with guaranteed returns.
Innovative & Award Winning: Our innovative Touchscreen Hearing Check was the first ever self-assessment hearing check developed as a marketing tool. Awarded the “Best of Show” at AudiologyNow! in Boston back in 2012, we now have clients utilising the solution across the globe and achieving ‘lower cost per new client acquisition’ than they ever dreamed was possible.
Economies of Scale: The beauty of working with Spinach Effect is that you achieve economies of scale that are not possible with other marketing providers. When we work with you, we do not need to start from scratch, we just need to tailor an existing strategies, content and materials for your needs. So you pay a fraction of the cost of what you would by working with other marketing suppliers.
Global Approach: At Spinach Effect, we see that the globe is our market so we should be global in our approach to business too. With headquarters in Australia, we have an office of graphic designers and developers in The Philippines, and Distributors and Resellers across the globe.