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Our clinics are not showing on the “Choose Location” screen

This issue is most commonly caused by incorrectly formatted “Site Locations” files. You can download a template of the correct structure of this file here. Here are some important tips to ensuring your Site List is in the correct format:

  1. Do not change the names or titles of columns in the template.
  2. Do not add fields to the template.
  3. Ensure that there are NO COMMAS within any field, such as the SiteAddress1 field, as this will confuse the software. (Hint: Replace any “,” with ” – “)
  4. Do not have any blank fields in your database
  5. The uploaded file must be saved as a “.csv” file. If you are using a Mac, ensure that you save as a “Windows csv” file, and not a standard “.csv” file
  6. Note that you can download a copy of your most recently saved Site Locations file from the Administration Portal

How do I work out the longitude and latitude of an address?

There are many online resources for this. One can be found at http://www.latlong.net and enter each address into the tool to get the location’s Latitude and Longitude.


The app crashes after the left ear tones have played

This issue is most commonly caused by incorrectly formatted “Tone Calibration” files. Your Reseller or one of our support staff has not saved your files in a “windows csv” format.  Thankfully, this is easily resolved. Please…

  1. Click this link to email our Support Team and state your company name and put the following words in the subject line of the email “Tones crashing after left ear of tone test”
  2. We will then update the files within 24-hours and will email you to let you know this is done.
  3. Then navigate to the Administration area of the application and touch “UPDATE NOW” button under Calibration heading (NB: you will need to be connected to the Internet)
  4. Select the headphones that you are using
  5. Test the software again. It should be resolved.


Software crashes during the “Update Assets” within Master Administration

Most often this issue is created due to an incorrectly loaded fonts file (should be .otf format) or incorrectly formatted postcode locations file.  Please note when the app seems to be crashing (i.e. what are you trying to update?), and click this link to email our Support Team. On that email please state your company name and put the following words in the subject line of the email “App crashing when I try to update [insert category of asset]”.  We will have this resolved within 24 hours for you!


We are not receiving copies of Free Hearing Reports or Email Notifications for every user

When do we send email notifications?

Please note that you will only receive email notifications (i.e. The one table format sent to your customer service email) for users that have a significant hearing loss in either ear. The reason for this is simple, our clients only want to be notified when there is a follow-up action required, whether that be:

  1. Call the client to schedule their requested appointment (i.e. users that request an appointment)
  2. Schedule a follow-up call to encourage the user to make an appointment
  3. User with a significant hearing loss has requested a mailed copy of their report (i.e. They don’t have an email address)

Copies of Free Hearing Reports?

We will only send copies of your users’ Free Hearing Reports to hearing care providers who have requested this. If you operate “in-clinic screeners”, we can also send copies of these reports to the front desk of the clinic that they are located, so you can immediately view reports (and know when to push for a clinical appointment) and print out copies for users that they can take away with them.  If you would like this set-up, please call your local Reseller who will be able to set this up for you.

Blocked emails?

Finally, although we operate digital certificates on our email servers, our emails to you may be being blocked at your end.  Before calling us, try the following:

  1. Are the emails going to a Junk/Spam folder within your email system? If yes, create a “rule” to ensure these emails go through to your Inbox. You can Google instructions for this for any email system.
  2. If they are not there, these emails may be being blocked by your Internet Service Provider or internal mail servers. If this is the case, call your/their Technical Support and ensure that “hearingkiosks.com” is added to their “whitelist” (i.e. we are a ‘Safe Sender’), and emails will start coming through.