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To arrange a free quote for implementing a Touch Screen Hearing Kiosk program at your clinics, simply complete the form below.

We will get back to you with 48-hours with a detailed response, including delivery schedules and an action plan for processing a potential order.

Additionally, if there are any special offers that are not yet live on our website, we will be sure to let youn know.

If you are unsure of any terms, such as “Floor Posters” and “Carry Bags”, you will be able to find more information about Optional Extras here.

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1. How many Touchscreen Hearing Kiosks (stands) do you require?

2. Would you like us to also supply Protective Slips for your back-drop graphic panels (highly recommended)?
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3. Would you like us to supply Duffle Bag with wheels, which will assist staff transporting the stands and parts between locations?
Yes, pls. include in quoteNo

4. How many desk-units do you require?

5. How many wall-mounted units do you require?

6. How many sets of Standard Headphones (@$130 each) do you require?

7. How many sets of Audiometric Headphones do you require?
HINT: TDH39 headphones with occluding cups. Improved accuracy, particularly in noisy settings

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NB: Different versions of the some languages are available to represent different accents of the video guide.

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