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Hearing Kiosks

se-touchscreen-hearing-kiosk-480wOur Touchscreen Hearing Check will help you reach people who may not fully recognise or accept the impact that hearing loss is having on their quality of life. Rather than waiting for them to contact you, the solution takes your clinic and services to where prospective clients are today.

This has enabled the Touchscreen Hearing Check to be successfully deployed in a range of situations, including both “manned” and “unmanned” situations.

Why is it so effective?

  • Extremely easy to use for people of all age and technology experience
  • Fully customised in your branding
  • Lowest “cost per qualified appointment” of ANY marketing strategy available to hearing care providers
  • Working for thousands of clinics around the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia
  • Perfect for major events, such as trade shows, expos, shopping centres
  • Generates appointments from medical centres‘ waiting rooms, pharmacies and more!
  • Can be used as a prescreening tool within clinics to improve productivity of available consulting time
  • Utilises advanced and patented algorithms to corrects users’ results for the effects of background noise
  • Improves the effectiveness of community outreach programs, as everything is automated and immediate.
    • Users receive their results instantly
    • Online reports are updated instantly
    • Appointments can be booked immediately
    • You will never lose client data
    • No paperwork!


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To obtain a FREE Information Pack and proposal that best suits your business needs, please contact us at:

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  • Customised for your clinic!

    Customised for your clinic!

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    Many Applications

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