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Direct Mail

Target over 50’s with direct mail

direct-mail-spinach-effectWhile the level of direct mail by hearing care providers has grown, return on investment has decreased. As readily available lists are ‘milked’, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach new prospects with fresh messages. In contrast, Spinach Effect has fostered innovative partnerships, thus opening new channels and continuing to achieve excellent returns for our clients.

We can work with you to develop customised campaigns, we also have a number of “off the shelf” direct marketing campaigns that will generate trials and appointments within your clinics, such as:

  • Research Study/Home Trials
  • Surveys for lead generation
  • And more
  • Hearing Aid Buyers Guide
  • Newsletters


Designs and messages tailored to your brand values

We do not believe that one size fits all. Each direct marketing campaign should match your unique positioning as a hearing care provider, whether that be highly retail or more medical based.

Partnering for mutual prosperity

Our ability to deliver successful campaigns stems from the strong relationships we maintain with a network of organisations who also serve the seniors market. Through these relationships we can deliver your message to new prospective clients with an endorsement from an organisation whom they know and trust.

Sample Portfolio

Click on links below to view samples of successful strategies that we have employed for Hearing Care Providers across the globe.

  • Newspaper & magazine inserts

    Newspaper & magazine inserts

    Inserts can be very effective when a piece of communication requires more detail than is possible through a press advertisement....

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  • Newsletters


    Newsletters that drive appointments Newsletters connect your hearing clinics to your existing clients and keep them informed about your services, people,...

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  • Surveys for lead generation

    Surveys for lead generation

    Hearing Health Surveys are excellent tool for increasing your database of prospective clients within the catchment areas of your hearing...

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  • Free hearing aid trial campaigns

    Free hearing aid trial campaigns

    Only actually wearing a hearing aid can break down the perceived barriers to wearing a hearing aid. Trials of...

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