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Advertising your hearing clinic

newspaper-advertorial-hearing-aids1Our experience has shown that successful advertising of hearing care and hearing aids is very different to the approach required for other products and services. Here are some quick pointers to creating a successful advertising campaign in our industry.

Don’t use technical jargon

Unfortunately, hearing care providers often try to use the same terminology and jargon that they receive in marketing materials from hearing aid manufacturers in their own customer advertising. This often misses the mark. If people don’t understand what you are saying they can’t assign value to your products and services.

Use real people and real stories (rather than celebrity endorsements)

The issues faced by people with hearing loss are very common. The story of an identifiable ‘hero’ who faced similar issues, did something about it, and is enjoying life more now really helps get the message across.

New clients need to be engaged more than experienced hearing aid wearers

People take years to address their hearing loss. In order for them to pick up the phone and make that first appointment, you will need to engage them more than is possible in a simple message. Advertorial formats can be very effective.

Don’t compromise the message for the look

Customers and consumers are highly sophisticated and far more interested in straight talk these days. It is far better to speak clearly and directly, avoid the flowery language and abstract visuals.

Have an Inbound Call Strategy

Managing how calls are handled is vitally important and can improve overall success rates by up to 200%.  We also prepare inbound phone scripts that your phone operators will use when taking calls from your advertising… and ensure that they are trained in using them.


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